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Will ditching your smartphone improve your trading? It's almost impossible to know. What I do know is that getting rid of your smartphone can improve the well-being of yourself, and your life.

A few years ago, a commercial for a new phone was released online. A small company started the development of a phone they called 'The Light Phone'. This phone allowed you to ditch your smartphone by only offering the ability to make calls on it. The purpose was obvious, get back to being in the moment. Get away from screens, timelines, and scrolling.

An advertisement for the original Light Phone.

I often asked myself "Why do I need a computer with me all the time"? "Is this really necessary to carry around with me wherever I go"? I often though about how my phone became a chore in itself, the need to manage notifications was frustrating to say the least. Why were these applications needing my attention all the time? Did I lower the value of my attention by giving it away to anyone who asks for it? Why is this device breaking my focus, is this an important issue right now? Sure I can turn off most notifications, but it still begs the question. Do I need this thing at all?

I ended up ditching my smartphone in 2019. My life has had significant improvements since I stopped using a smartphone. Hikes and walks became more enjoyable. Productivity went up, focus increased, and I felt more mindful. I had full mental clarity, no fog. Why did removing such a mundane device from my life improve it so much more? When I think about using a smartphone, sometimes it doesn't feel like a fair fight. The companies design phones to make the viewing experience as enjoyable as possible, and the software developers design their applications to be enjoyed as long as possible.

The phone I've been using since 2019 (Nokia 3310 3G).

Making the switch seemed tough in the moment, but I realized very quickly that my fears were not warranted. I've yet to be in a situation where I *needed* a smartphone. One common theme I've found fascinating while reading other peoples journey on this matter, is how no one wants to go back. If someone quits using a smartphone for 30 days, they usually end the test with continuing to use their new dumbphone, *not* to returning to using their smartphone. If these devices are so great, why aren't people going back to them? There are a lot of other people who are much better at writing about this particular subject than I am, so you coud go read their testimonials here. You can also watch some specific videos here, here and here.

Did switching to a dumbphone improve my trading? It has benefitted my personal life in tremendous ways, but it's hard to say. The benefits helped me with a lot of things in my personal life, and trading could be one of them. Once thing is certain, I will not be using a smartphone as my daily phone for the foreseeable future. I find no need in having a personal computer with me at all times. A simple phone with calling and texting is all I usually need, if that. It may be all you need too.

If you're considering getting rid of your smartphone, check out the dumbphone subreddit. If you're looking at buying a dumbphone, then check out the dumbphone finder. It's a tool to help you determine what type of phone is best suited for your needs, and your carrier.

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